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GPI™ Series

GPI™ Mainframe
Over their > 15 year existence, the GPI™ series of interferometers have earned the confidence of thousands of users worldwide to provide reliable, accurate, metrology. Recent advances in ZYGO's Interferometric capabilities has resulted in an upgrade of the former GPI™ phase measuring products to the new VeriFire™ Series of interferometer systems. The GPI™ Series of interferometers are now offered with either visual or carrier fringe measurement methods. (All ZYGO phase measuring interferometers are now part of the VeriFire™ Series of products.)

GPI™ LC - The GPI™ LC is the foundation of the GPI™ series. It provides visual fringe analysis for use in the metrology of flat surfaces.

GPI™ ST - The GPI™ ST provides motorized zoom and focus with visual fringe viewing.

Model: LC ST
Core Technology: Visual Fringe
Source: Point Source
Zoom: N/A Motorized 1-6X
Focus: N/A Motorized
Camera Resolution: 512 x 492 pixels 768 x 494 pixels

Capability-Expanding Products

Accessories - ZYGO offers a wide variety of accessories to expand or enhance the capabilities of your interferometer system.
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