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Dynafiz Dynamic Laser Interferometer System
Dynafiz™ Dynamic Interferometer System

Verifire HD Laser Interferometer System

Verifire™ HD Laser Interferometer System

Large Aperture Interferometer System

24" Large Aperture Laser Interferometer System

Verifire™ 3.39 µm Interferometer System

Verifire™ 3.39 µm Interferometer System

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Interferometer systems from ZYGO were commercially introduced over 35 years ago, and ZYGO continues to maintain leadership in surface form metrology using interferometry.

Interferometers by ZYGO were chosen over 10,000 times through the years, and many of those interferometer systems continue to be relied on daily to provide accurate production metrology of optical components and assemblies that affect our daily lives. Interferometer applications span across a wide range of applications in numerous industries, including consumer electronics, ophthalmic, semiconductor and defense & aerospace. ZYGO is the one optical metrology company that is trusted across the globe to qualify the worlds most critical optics. Shouldn't you be using a ZYGO interferometer?

Interferometer Systems by Zygo

DynaFiz™ Dynamic Interferometer - highly optimized optical interferometry instrument designed specifically for performing accurate metrology of optics in the presence of air turbulence and extreme vibrations.

Verifire™ Fizeau Interferometer Series - the ideal interferometry choice for accurate metrology of surface form. Verifire laser interferometers are used worldwide in quality control, R&D, and production test applications. The Verifire family of interferometers are quantitative phase shifting interferometers for use in the measurement of flat, spherical and aspheric optics.

Large Aperture Interferometer Systems - ZYGO's large aperture interferometer beam expanders are an optional extension to Verifire™ interferometer mainframes. The beam expanders are configured to provide both a standard 4" measurement beam and a large aperture metrology source. Large Aperture Interferometer Systems are available for static and phase measuring applications with 12", 18", 24" and 32" apertures.

UV Interferometers and IR Interferometers - Interferometer solutions are available in several additional wavelengths ranging from 266 nm to 10.6 µm wavelengths.

Laser Interferometry Accessories - ZYGO qualifies all of our interferometry accessories to ensure optimal laser interferometer performance. Our accessories include spherical and flat optics for transmission and reference, opto-mechanical mounts and fixtures, radius of curvature hardware and vertical mounting options for upward or downward-looking interferometers.

Interferometry Upgrades - ZYGO interferometers are built to last. As technology advances, ZYGO offers the ability to upgrade existing interferometer systems to current, state-of-the-art capabilities.

Typical Interferometer Setups - A brief overview of some of the interferometric measurement techniques commonly used in the optics industry.

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