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HVM In-tray Inspection Solution for IC Packages

HVM In-tray Inspection Solution for IC Packages ZVS-100P

Key Features:

• Industry-leading throughput (up to 120,000 UPH) and lowest cost of ownership

• Unconstrained true bump height/coplanarity/warpage measurements

• Parts measured in-tray with minimal handling

• Flexible platform supporting all types of IC package inspections: BGA, QFN, QFP, LGA, SGA, PGA, PoP, and their derivatives

• Future-proof for small feature inspections of next generation products

• Smart sorting station to ensure high speed sorting and short sorting time of last-tray

• Capable of SEMI, SECS/GEM and S2-S8 compliant

In-tray inspection of 3D/2D/marking/Package Visual Inspections (PVI) is made possible through ZVS-100P's integrated Large field-of-view (LFOV) fast moire interferometry head. With the highest throughput in the industry – as much as 120,000 units per hour – low cost of ownership is attained. In ZVS-100P, Zygo Corporation introduces the next generation of fully-automatic in-tray vision system for inspection of IC packages. Now with in-tray inspection, Zygo's ZVS-100P is an industry leading high throughput, high accuracy tool dedicated to the inspection of 3D/2D/Marking/PVI.

Ready to Inspect Today's and Tomorrow's Packages

With today's ongoing trends in decreasing feature sizes and higher I/O requirements, the IC packaging industry faces an important challenge of achieving greater quality through improved process control in package manufacturing production.

The ZVS-100P is ready to meet that challenge with industry-leading accuracy and repeatability at never before reached throughputs for total quality control and lower cost of ownership of inspection for BGA, QFN, QFP, LGA, SGA, PGA, PoP and their derivatives.

Automation and Speed for Low CoO

The ZVS-100P is designed for inspections of IC package units in production trays. A smart sorting station provides high speed throughput. This allows for a faster tool, better metrology measurements and unconstrained package inspection. With high accuracy, even next generation small features can be inspected. The end result is total quality control for the IC pack manufacturers at best cost of ownership.
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