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3D Optical Surface Profilers Choose the right Optical Profiler system for your application

Optical profilers from ZYGO are white light interferometer systems, offering fast, non-contact, high-precision 3D metrology of surface features. All of our optical profilers include proprietary data analysis and system control software. Choosing the right surface measurement system depends on your application's requirements, including precision, speed, automation, configuration flexibility, and vertical range.

ZeGage Optical Surface Profiler NewView 7100 Optical Surface Profiler NewView 7300 Optical Surface Profiler NewView 8000 Optical Surface Profiler Nexview Optical Surface Profiler
Model: ZeGage


Core Technology: CSI** CSI & PSI**
Vertical Scan Speed: ≤ 21 μm/s ≤ 26 μm/s ≤ 135 μm/s ≤ 96 μm/s
Max. Step Height: ≤ 20 mm ≤ 20 mm
System Zoom: Fixed Fixed Automated
Z Stage: Automated
X/Y Stage: Manual or Automated (optional) Automated
Field of View: ≤ 9 mm ≤ 14 mm* ≤ 16 mm
Software: ZeMaps MetroPro Mx
* A larger field of view is possible with the megapixel camera and/or stitching option.
** CSI = Coherence Scanning Interferometry
    PSI = Phase Shifting Interferometry

Specialty Model

NewView™ MPT™ - ZYGO's NewView™ MPT makes it easy to measure precision parts right on the factory floor with a rugged enclosure that provides a secure, yet service-accessible, housing for the NewView™ 7000 Series surface profiling system.
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