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ZeMapper™ Optical Profiler

Zemetrics ZeMapper System

Key Features:

• Rigid platform improves stability and increases accuracy by reducing vibration-induced errors.

• Point and click move-to-measure automation.

• Computer-controlled 5-axis motorized precision stages.

• High-res, low-noise, 4 megapixel sensor delivers superior detail.

New!  ZeMapper HS joins the original ZeMapper and ZeMapper LF as the newest and fastest member of the ultra-low noise ZeMapper family of optical profilers. Using a state-of-the-art high speed 4MP sensor, ZeMapper HS achieves scan rates up to 36 µm/sec, which together with Dual optical metrology channels, color StageView technology, and advanced field stitching, provides sub-angstrom vertical resolution with lateral scale ranging from 100 µm to 150 mm. This resolution, speed, and field-of-view range enables more practical metrology of structured planar surfaces in the semiconductor, optics, medical, LEDs, photovoltaic, consumer electronics, and scientific research markets.
The ZeMapper system is an extremely high precision non-contact 3D optical surface profiler, delivering measurements with sub-nanometer resolution. As with all Zygo optical profilers, all measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation.

StageView™ Part Placement Feature

The StageView feature shows you a wide-field preview (up to 120 mm x 100 mm) of your test sample on the stage. Just pick the point you want to measure, select magnification, and be there. The computer-controlled motorized precision stages translate the sample to that exact location, eliminating positioning guesswork.

Field Stitching

Need precise measurement of a larger area? The advanced field stitching feature makes it easy, even on super-smooth nearly featureless surfaces! The system's 4-megapixel low-noise camera captures every minute detail with unsurpassed clarity, capturing up to four million data points per measurement. Setting up the stitching area is a snap using the part placement image provided by the StageView feature.

Extreme Precision on Smoothest Surfaces

ZeMapper demonstrates its versatility by offering multiple measurement technologies in one instrument. Phase Shifting Interferometry (PSI) offers sub-Angstrom performance on super-smooth surfaces, while Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) enables precision measurement of surface features and relative step heights of discontinuous surfaces. Optionally, a films analysis package enables characterization of optically transparent films that otherwise could not be profiled interferometrically. And ZeMapper's unique structural configuration enables both large area inspection and high magnification in a rigid package. A low center of gravity and bridge architecture reduce vibration-induced errors.

ZeMaps™ Software

The proprietary ZeMaps acquisition and analysis software delivers precise measurements of roughness, step height, volume, and shape in both 2D and 3D graphical plots, as well as numeric results. This 64-bit multi-threading application supports very large data sets, making full use of multi-core processors and memory expansions. It keeps the system's automation features brisk, while presenting the user with a highly responsive graphical interface.

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