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Optical Components Group

Optical Components, by Zygo's Optical Components Group
Optical Components
Key Features

• High precision, meter-class optics fabrication.

• Rotary, double-Sided, and MRF polishing.

Glass machining, grinding, & shaping to > 1m diameter.

Thin film coatings.

• Surface roughness < 0.2 nm RMS.

• Wedge tolerances < 2 arc sec.

• Surfaces better than 20/10 at meter-class optics.

Optical Components Group – this group of seasoned professionals, part of Zygo Optical Systems Division, manufactures high-precision optical components using innovative and proprietary optical component manufacturing technologies. Our vertically-integrated approach encompasses CNC glass machining and light-weighting, rotational, double-sided, and MRF polishing, and thin film coating. Precision is verified by Zygo's proprietary interferometric metrology products.

Zygo's Optical Components Group is a world recognized producer of meter-class plano optics, and has the distinction of being the world's only volume manufacturer of laser fusion amplifiers. Capabilities include high aspect ratios and processing of advanced materials such as Cleartran™, zinc selenide, ULE® and sapphire. From laser fusion and other high fluence optics, to ISR windows, to precision Zerodur lithography stages, ZYGO is the leader in the fabrication of high precision optical components.

Zygo's Optical Components Group can process a wide range of materials including, but not limited to:

• Zinc sulfide (Cleartran™)

• Zinc selenide (ZnSe)

• Glass (Fused Silica, BK7, etc.)

• Sapphire (various crystal orientations)

• Silicon

• Germanium

• Low expansion ceramics (Zerodur®, ULE®, Cordierite, CLEARCERAM®)

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