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Transmission Spheres & Flats

Key Features

• Figures better than λ/20

• Surface Roughness < 1nm.

• Many Configurations available.

• Performance verified using ZYGO interferometry.

ZYGO offers a wide variety of accessories to expand or enhance the capabilities of your interferometer system. Transmission and reference flats and spheres, mounts, holders, and radius of curvature options provide the building blocks necessary for you to create optimum measurement setup to meet your metrology requirements, without the need for custom fabrication.

Transmission Flats are used when measuring the surface quality or transmitted wavefront of flat surfaces or optics. Flats are available with clear apertures from 33 millimeters to 32 inches.

Transmission Spheres are used when measuring the surface quality or transmitted wavefront of concave or convex surfaces or optics. A concave or convex spherical surface is examined for surface figure and irregularity by placing its center of curvature coincident with the focus of the transmission sphere.

To determine the appropriate transmission sphere(s) for your application, please download ZYGO's Transmission Sphere Selection Guide (PDF).

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