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Metrology Systems

ZYGO has elevated the status of metrology to a disruptive, enabling technology. ZYGO's metrology solutions measure using light, and it offers two key product types, 3D optical profilers, and laser interferometers.

Optical metrology is an extremely versatile laboratory inspection tool, and has an important role to play in the verification of quality and design intent. Today, it has become the "go to" metrology solution, benefitting from that fact that it is non-contact, non-destructive, fast, highly sensitive, and has exceptional resolution and accuracy.

Nexview NX2 Optical Profiler
3D Optical Profilers
Precise, quantitative, ISO-compliant, non-contact surface measurement and characterization of micro- and nano-scale surface features.
Verifire HDX Laser Interferometer
Laser Interferometers
Industry standard for fast high-precision measurements of plano or spherical surfaces, and transmitted wavefront of optical systems and assemblies.
Custom Metrology Solutions
Custom Metrology Solutions
ZYGO applications engineers can develop a metrology solution tailored to fit your specific requirements, including fixturing, automation, and customized software.
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