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Radius of Curvature Optical Testing Applications

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Radius of Curvature is a critical design parameter in optical manufacturing. Many of ZYGO's optical interferometer products can be used to make high-accuracy radius of curvature measurements by measuring the distance between "cats eye" and confocal positions. This requires the purchase of a position measurement system consisting of either a linear encoder scale or, for extremely high accuracy measurements, ZYGO's distance measuring interferometer system. ZYGO's proprietary Radius of Curvature application for the MetroPro® analysis software is also required.

Verifire™ - Several configurations are available, horizontal or vertical orientation, using either linear encoder scale or ZYGO's distance measuring interferometer. Please consult the GPI™/VeriFire™ Accessories Guide for details.

MetroCell - The MetroCell vertical workstation enables high accuracy radius of curvature measurements in a vertical downward looking configuration. The MetroCell can be configured with either a linear encoder or displacement interferometer for precision measurement of the distance between the catseye and confocal positions.

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