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Applications for ZYGO laser interferometer systems span across a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, ophthalmology, semiconductor and defense & aerospace. ZYGO is the one optical metrology company that is trusted across the globe to qualify the world's most critical and precise optics. Shouldn't you be using a ZYGO laser interferometer?

Custom Metrology Solutions

Custom Interferometer System
Vertical workstation for Verifire™ interferometers, with precision X/Y/Z/θ stage control, and extended Z-axis for long radius of curvature measurements.

Custom 24-inch Aperture Interferometer System

24-inch beam expander for measurement of large plano optics with a Verifire interferometer system.

Custom 485 mm Downward-Looking Interferometer System

Integrated system with a Verifire interferometer and 12-inch downward-looking beam expander employs automated aperture stitching to measure plano components up to 30x30x12 inches.
If you don't see a standard ZYGO product that fits your specific need, we invite you to consider our Custom Metrology Solutions service.

Our applications engineers will work with your team to develop a metrology solution that is tailored to fit your specific requirements. We can modify our standard systems, design and build special fixturing, customize software applications, or engineer a completely unique system, just for you.

Custom Metrology Solutions can include:

• Custom part fixturing

• Unique instrument mounting or orientation

• Systems and accessories operating at IR wavelengths

• Custom reference optics, spherical and plano

• Environmental housings

• Vibration isolation systems

Large aperture systems, up to 32"

• Custom solutions software

• System integration with factory automation

Vertical Integration

Since we make custom optics as well as the metrology instrumentation, ZYGO is capable of providing and qualifying the entire solution. ZYGO has complete manufacturing, engineering, fabrication, and assembly capabilities. Our dedicated metrology facilities have tightly-controlled environmental conditions, enabling us to qualify systems to the most challenging levels of performance.

World-Class Optical Fabrication

ZYGO's premier optical fabrication capabilities allow us to manufacture specialty plano, spherical & aspheric optics to meet specific needs and develop unique metrology solutions.

Full Documentation

A complete documentation package for every custom solution allows ZYGO to support it with the same excellent service as our standard products. ZYGO has been developing custom solutions for over 50 years, and has a worldwide support network, so you can be assured that we will be there to support your custom solution in the future.

A Solution for Your Specific Need

The custom metrology systems shown on this page are a small sampling of the many solutions ZYGO has developed for customers over the years. Your solution will be unique to your specific needs, and we are ready to get started on it. Just contact us to start the discussion.
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