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Laser Interferometers

Laser interferometers from ZYGO were first introduced commercially 48 years ago. Today, ZYGO continues to maintain the leadership role in surface form metrology using laser interferometry. Thousands of ZYGO interferometers are installed worldwide and relied upon daily to provide accurate production measurements of optical components and assemblies.
Verifire Laser Interferometer
Reliable and cost effective shop floor fizeau interferometer with unmatched 3-year laser warranty.
Verifire HD Laser Interferometer
Verifire™ HD
Higher resolution imaging exposes mid-spatial frequency features
Verifire HDX Laser Interferometer
Verifire™ HDX
Designed and built for mid-spatial frequency characterization of optical components and systems.
Dynafiz Laser Interferometer
Highest level of performance. Reliable metrology even in extreme vibration and air turbulence.
Special Applications
Verifire MST
Verifire™ MST
The Verifire™ MST utilizes a wavelength shifting laser and patented data acquisition methods to enable simultaneous measurement of the front and back surface of transparent optics, thickness variation (including wedge) and simple 2-step homogeneity metrology without difficult part preparation or messy coatings.
IR Interferometer
Infrared Interferometers
Testing at a system's design wavelength is critical for final alignment and qualification. ZYGO offers a range of Interferometers for testing optical systems and materials at their operating wavelength, from NIR to SWIR, MWIR and LWIR – including optical references and accessories.
Verifire VTS - Vertical Test Station
Verifire™ VTS
This stand-alone upward-looking interferometer workstation provides stable and robust metrology of surface form and radius of curvature of spherical optics. Its motorized Z-axis stage with 1 meter of encoded travel simplifies part positioning and enables automated radius of curvature measurements.
Verifire XL
Verifire™ XL
The Verifire™ XL interferometer system is a stand-alone workstation designed for simplistic and reliable metrology of large flat surfaces up to 300 mm (12 inches) in diameter, without stitching. Designed for ease of use, with a heavy duty tip/tilt stage that provides repeatable part placement without the need for custom fixturing.
Large Aperture Interferomter System
Large Aperture Systems
Large Aperture Fizeau Interferometers are available for static and phase measuring applications with 12", 18", 24" and 32" apertures (300 mm to 800 mm). Taking advantage of ZYGO's powerful lasers, the beam expanders are configured to provide both a standard 4" measurement beam and a large aperture metrology source.
12-inch Reference Flat
Interferometer Accessories
ZYGO offers a wide variety of accessories to expand or enhance the capabilities of your interferometer system. Transmission and reference flats and spheres, mounts, holders, and radius of curvature options provide the building blocks necessary for you to create optimum measurement setup to meet your metrology requirements, without the need for custom fabrication.
Mx Software
Mx™ Software
ZYGO's proprietary Mx™ analysis software offers a wide range of operational features and a comprehensive data analysis suite including Zernike, slopes, PSD/MTF/PSF, prism angle, corner cube, and many more. It has a simple and intuitive interface for efficient operation and easy learning curve.
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