Interferometer Accessories

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Interferometer Accessories

ZYGO offers a wide variety of accessories to expand or enhance the capabilities of your interferometer system. Transmission and reference flats and spheres, mounts, holders, and radius of curvature options provide the building blocks necessary for you to create optimum measurement setup to meet your metrology requirements, without the need for custom fabrication.

Other accessories enhance the installation with options for vibration isolation, vertical orientation, and a beam-path switch to permit multiple simultaneous test setups.

Transmission Flats
Transmission Spheres
Reference Flats
Reference Spheres

Mount accessories
Output accessories
Vertical workstations

Radius of Curvature
Guide rail (manual)
Encoded ROC
Interferometric ROC

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For more information about the accessories listed above, please download the appropriate accessories guide and/or spec sheet...

Laser Interferometer Accessory Guide (PDF)
Transmission Spheres Specifications (PDF)
Transmission Spheres Selection Guide (PDF)
Interactive Transmission Sphere Selector (Excel® Document)
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