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QPSI™ DynaPhase®

DynaPhase® Dynamic Acquisition for Extreme Environments Confidence in metrology, no matter the conditions

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Fizeau Interferometry has become a trusted standard for precise metrology of optical components and systems. Traditionally, these instruments were required to be installed in lab environments, where conditions were carefully controlled, to ensure high precision measurements were not compromised. However, today a growing number of applications demand easy, cost-effective solutions for the use of interferometry in environments where metrology has been difficult or impossible in the past.


Often, optical systems must be tested in locations that simulate their end-use environment. These environments can present challenges due to factors like large vibration and air turbulence, which can negatively affect or prevent the ability to acquire reliable optical measurements. Many of these challenges are addressed with less than optimal solutions, often suffering from drawbacks and issues related to usability, speed, reliability and precision.


ZYGO's patented DynaPhase® data acquisition technology offers many differentiated benefits, without the limitations associated with alternative methods. Key attributes of DynaPhase include:

• Highest vibration tolerance in a Fizeau interferometer, enabled by the ZYGO-manufactured high-power laser* and fast acquisition speeds

• Patented in-situ calibration enables the highest precision, lowest measurement uncertainty measurements, and excellent correlation to temporal phase shifting interferometry (PSI)

• Simple setup and calibration compared to alternative approaches

• Cost-effective solution; available on nearly all ZYGO laser interferometers

Comparison of Measurement Techniques Using an Identical Measurement Cavity

Temporal Phase-Shifting Interferometry (PSI) Measurement
Temporal Phase-Shifting Interferometry (PSI) Measurement
PSI measurement – the well accepted "true" measurement.

DynaPhase® Measurement
DynaPhase Measurement
DynaPhase measurement – matches "true" PSI measurement data very well with patented calibration.

Carrier Fringe Measurement
Un-Calibrated Carrier Fringe Measurement
Measurement without carrier fringe calibration – data contains aberrations inherent in the system resulting in unreliable data.

DynaPhase offers the versatility and performance to address a wide range of challenging optical testing environments and applications, including:

• Cryogenic and vacuum chamber testing

• Telescope components and complex optical systems

• Large tower, workstations and complex or unstable test stands


DynaPhase is available on nearly all ZYGO laser interferometers. Features vary by model and enable users the flexibility to use capabilities that enhance efficiency in Production Mode, enable fast system alignment with LivePhase, or reveal temporal changes in data with Movie Mode.
 DynaFiz Verifire
Verifire™ HD
Verifire™ HDX
Single MeasurementRequires a brief calibration procedure to be performed for each DynaPhase measurement in any of the other modes listed below.
Production ModeUses calibration data obtained in Single Measurement mode for subsequent measurements of the same test optic or of other identical test optics.
LivePhaseProvides real-time phase (with optional fringe overlay) and Zernike aberration feedback to actively monitor toleranced or targeted adjustments.  More Info
Movie ModeProvides the capability to record (and play back) wavefront changes over time.  Watch Video
  (HD & HDX only)
External TriggeringUsed only with Movie Mode, Triggering allows use of an external trigger signal to start/stop the acquisition of movie data.
SourceLaser Light Source.
ZYGO manufactured HeNe - 633 nm ZYGO manufactured HeNe - 633 nm SWIR - 1.064 µm, 1.053 µm and 1.55 µm MWIR - 3.39 µm


Get the most from your metrology investment with the unique capabilities and unmatched versatility of DynaPhase, now available on the entire interferometer line from ZYGO.

Complete range of vibration tolerant metrology - check out ZYGO's patented QPSI vibration tolerant temporal phase shifting data acquisition enables metrology in the presence of common shop floor vibrations without the need for calibration.

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