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Mx™ Software Instrument Control & Data Analysis Software for ZYGO Laser Interferometers

Mx Software Screen
Mx Software, Zernike Analysis Results
ZYGO's proprietary Mx™ analysis software offers a wide range of operational features and a comprehensive data analysis suite including Zernikes, slopes, PSD/MTF/PSF, prism/wedge angle, corner cube, and many more.

It has a simple and intuitive interface for efficient operation and easy learning curve. Interactive and detailed data plots show full area data in 2D or 3D; profile slices, slope analysis, and PSD views are also standard capability.


Standard and customizable features to suite any application

This full-featured instrument control, data acquisition, and analysis software package has the tools for integrating with manufacturing processes, running automation, and reporting critical measurement parameters. With built-in SPC, pass/fail indication, data reporting and run charts, production quality analysis is simplified.

NEW! Custom Workspace feature enables the most flexible and easy-setup GUI to address a wide range of applications, from the most simplistic operator-based interface including touchscreen support to a full-featured comprehensive data analysis and reporting format for the engineering or R&D lab.

Mx also includes Python-based scripting and remote access to further expand the capability of the software integrate into complex test setups, or further simplify and automate production applications.

SmartAveraging® Technology

Minimize time and measurement uncertainty

Watch: How to use the SmartAveraging® feature of ZYGO's Mx software.
Measurement averaging is an effective method of reducing the effects of random noise sources such as air turbulence, but determining the best number of averages can be tricky... too few reduces the effectiveness; too many wastes time. SmartAveraging® technology is an exclusive feature of ZYGO's Mx™ software that automatically calculates and uses the optimum number of averages to achieve desired noise reduction in the least amount of time. SmartAveraging technology removes guesswork, minimizes operator variability, and ensures confidence in measurement results.

Mx Highlights:

Robust measurements – ZYGO proprietary QPSI™ and DynaPhase® measurement acquisition modes eliminate the effects of vibration in difficult metrology environments.

Intuitive user interface with Custom Workspace enables easy to set up GUI for any application.

Flexible Analyses – a wide array of quantitative results, data views, and filters are included.

Built in SPC analysis tools track results, monitor pass-fail criteria, and track process statistics.

Interactive 3D plots – zoom, pan, rotate, and update results in real time.

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