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Custom Metrology Solutions

If you don't see a standard ZYGO product that fits your specific need, look into our Custom Metrology Solutions service.

Precision Machining

Key Features

• Non-contact, nondestructive.

• Production hardened.

• NIST-traceable quantitative metrology.

• Built-in SPC and data outputs.

ZYGO's non-contact surface profilers characterize and quantify surface texture, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features with the finest precision and accuracy available in the world today. All measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation.

For production environments, ZYGO's Guardian™ Industrial Enclosure provides a secure, yet service-accessible, housing for the our optical profiler systems, making it easy to measure precision parts right on the factory floor.

For larger surfaces, ZYGO's laser interferometer systems are perfect for measuring surface form on superfinished surfaces up to 6 inches in diameter or larger using beam expanders or a grazing incidence configuration.

All of ZYGO's industrial metrology systems can be integrated with automated part handling for exact placement, removal, and sorting. This capability greatly improves the throughput of the measurement process, frequently making possible 100% inspection of all manufactured parts.

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