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Custom Metrology Solutions

If you don't see a standard ZYGO product that fits your specific need, look into our Custom Metrology Solutions service.

Photovoltaic Panel Metrology Increasing efficiency while lowering costs

ZYGO's non-contact 3D optical profilers provide photovoltaic manufacturers with the process insight needed to improve production control for higher efficiencies and lower costs. To optimize etch processes and increase efficiency in photovoltaic cells, industry researchers rely on ZYGO optical profilers with Advanced Texture Analysis software. Film thickness is measured and analyzed on monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon cell surfaces, and critical dimensions of conductive gridlines and laser scribe trenches are rapidly quantified, including height, depth, length, width, and volume.

3D Plot of Conductive Gridline
3D Plot of Conductive Gridline

TCO Film Thickness

TCO Film Thickness Map

3D Plot of Cell Edge Isolation

3D Plot of Cell Edge Isolation
Conductor Grid
ZYGO's unique 3D Cross Sectional Area (CSA) metrology helps you to optimize both optical and electrical efficiency. Reducing the CSA variation minimizes the Ag material outside the electron flow, thus minimizing wasted conductor.

Wafer Texture
ZYGO's Advanced Texture Analysis software provides full 3D profiles of the wafer surface, which will help optimize etching time while both removing saw damage and maximizing efficiency.

Laser - Edge Isolation
Quantitative 3D analysis helps you balance laser power, dwell time, and pulse rate to optimize edge isolation and minimize surface debris.

TCO: Surface Roughness and Film Thickness
ZYGO has the unique capability to simultaneously measure both TCO surface roughness and thickness without resorting to test coupons. Map thickness and roughness anywhere on the panel, without damage.

Laser Scribe: Depth, Width, Profile, and Debris
ZYGO profilers let you see and quantify etch depth, 3D trench profile, laser shot-to-shot variations, and surface debris, without fear of yield loss due to damage.

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