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Fiber Optic Cables ZMI™ Series - Displacement Measuring Interferometers

ZYGO manufactures fiber optic cables for both air and vacuum use. Cables for use in air have PVC outer jackets. Cables for vacuum use have PVDF outer jackets. All fiber optic cables have a 400 µm core diameter and ST connectors on each end.

Type Length (m) Efficiency Part Number
Standard 1 88% 8020-0410-01
Standard 3 8020-0410-02
Standard 5 8020-0410-03
Standard 7.5 8020-0410-15
Standard 10 8020-0410-04
Standard 15 8020-0410-07
Standard 20 80% 8020-0410-06
Standard 30 8020-0410-10
Vacuum 1 88% 8020-0461-01
Vacuum 3 88% 8020-0461-02
Vacuum 5 88% 8020-0461-03
Vacuum 10 88% 8020-0410-23

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