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Fiber Optic Feedthroughs ZMI™ Series - Displacement Measuring Interferometers

ZYGO's fiber optic feedthroughs are used to send signals into and out of vacuum systems. Feedthroughs are vacuum baked and double bagged prior to shipment.

Type: 7722 PM fiber,
RF cable,
and reference signal
4-axis rigid-flex 6-axis rigid-rigid 8-axis rigid-rigid
Axes: 1 4 6 8
Air Side
Cable Lengths:
10 m 84 mm rigid tubes 100 mm rigid tubes (3)
150 mm rigid tubes (3)
64 mm rigid tubes
Vacuum Side
Cable Lengths:
10 m 0.545 m
0.770 m
0.930 m
1.750 m
100 mm rigid tubes (3)
150 mm rigid tubes (3)
64 mm rigid tubes (4)
100 mm rigid tubes (4)
Flange: Klamp NW40 Conflat NW35
Part Number: 8000-0610-01 6185-0116-01 6185-0118-01 6185-0117-01
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