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2-Axis System (Vacuum) Example Systems - ZMI™ Series

ZYGO has a full line of vacuum compatible interferometers and feedthroughs for applications ranging from 2-axis systems to complex multi-axis vacuum applications. This example ZMI™ system uses the 7702 laser, a 2402 2-axis VME measurement board, and vacuum-compatible, compact interferometers.

Light from the 7702 laser travels through a vacuum window into the vacuum system, where it is distributed with beam splitters and fold mirrors. The modular design of ZMI™ components allows great flexibility for positioning the interferometers inside the vacuum system. Measurement signals are collected by the fiber optic pickups in the vacuum system and transmitted through a vacuum feedthrough to the 2402 measurement board.

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Key ZMI™ Components

Item Qty Description Part #
1 1 ZMI™ 7702 Laser, 6mm Beam, Class II, 400µW 8070-0102-01
2 1 ZMI™ 2402 Measurement Board (2-axis) with Ethernet 8020-0104-16
3 1 50% Beam splitter, vacuum compatible 6187-0138-02
4 2 Fold Mirror, vacuum compatible 6187-0138-03
5 2 Compact Interferometer (HSPMI), vacuum compatible 6187-0541-01
6 2 Fiber optic pickup 8040-0128-01
7 1 Fiber optic feedthrough, 2-axis 6185-0119-01
8 3 Fiber optic cable assembly, 10 m 8020-0410-04

Optional ZMI™ Components

Item Qty Description Part #
1 1 Laser head power cable for ZYGO chassis, 5 m 8020-0408-02
2 2 Compact Interferometer Mount, 1-axis, vacuum compatible 8050-0109-01
3 3 Beam splitter/fold mirror mount, vacuum compatible 6187-0445-01

Other Optional Items

Item Description Suggested Suppliers
1 VME Chassis for ZMI™ 2400 Measurement Boards Schroff (Pentair), Carlo Gavazzi
2 Interface between PC and VME bus (PCI/VME, USB/VME, etc.) Phoenix Mecano (Wiener Group)
3 Power supply for ZMI™ Laser (± 15 VDC) ZYGO (8010-0105-0X), Digikey Corp., Agilent
4 Neutral Density (ND) filters, alignment mirrors, vacuum windows, etc. Edmund Optics, Thorlabs, CVI/Melles Griot
5 Digital I/O for ZMI™ P2 bus National Instruments, Measurement Computing
6 Motion Control Electronics Delta Tau, ACS, Aerotech, Copley Controls, Galil
7 Custom cables and cable components Digikey Corp.

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