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3-Axis System Example Systems - ZMI™ Series

This 3-axis ZMI™ example system shows how measurement systems can be expanded to accommodate additional axes of measurement. This example ZMI™ system uses the 7702 laser, two 2400 series VME measurement boards, and high stability plane mirror interferometers.

Light from the 7702 laser is distributed by a set of beam splitters and fold mirrors, and fed into the interferometers. Measurement signals are collected by the fiber optic pickups and transmitted to the 2402 measurement boards. An electrical reference jumper cable carries the reference from one measurement board to the next, allowing all axes to be sampled together with very low data age uncertainty.

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Key ZMI™ Components

Item Qty Description Part #
1 1 ZMI™ 7702 Laser, 6mm Beam, Class II, 400µW 8070-0102-31
2 1 ZMI™ 2401 Measurement Board (1-axis) with Ethernet 8020-0104-15
3 1 ZMI™ 2402 Measurement Board (2-axis) with Ethernet 8020-0104-16
4 1 Electrical reference jumper cable 1115-800-279
5 1 33% Beam splitter 6191-0138-01
6 1 50% Beam splitter 6191-0138-02
7 2 Fold Mirror 6191-0138-03
8 3 High Stability Interferometer (HSPMI) 6191-0318-02
9 3 Fiber optic pickup 8040-0103-01
10 4 Fiber optic cable assembly, 10 m 8020-0410-04

Optional ZMI™ Components

Item Qty Description Part #
1 1 Laser head power cable for ZYGO chassis, 10 m 8020-0408-03
2 4 Beam splitter/fold mirror mount 6191-0445-01
3 3 Interferometer mount 6191-0446-01

Other Optional Items

Item Description Suggested Suppliers
1 VME Chassis for ZMI™ 2400 Measurement Boards Schroff (Pentair), Carlo Gavazzi
2 Interface between PC and VME bus (PCI/VME, USB/VME, etc.) Phoenix Mecano (Wiener Group)
3 Power supply for ZMI™ Laser (± 15 VDC) ZYGO (8010-0105-0X), Digikey Corp., Agilent
4 Neutral Density (ND) filters, alignment mirrors, etc. Edmund Optics, Thorlabs, CVI/Melles Griot
5 Digital I/O for ZMI™ P2 bus National Instruments, Measurement Computing
6 Motion Control Electronics Delta Tau, ACS, Aerotech, Copley Controls, Galil
7 Custom cables and cable components Digikey Corp.

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