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Interferometers & Optics ZMI™ Series - Displacement Measuring Interferometers

Key Features

• One, two, and three-axis interferometers.

• Full line of vacuum-compatible interferometers.

• Compact interferometers for space-constrained applications.

• Interferometers for custom applications.

ZYGO offers a full range of interferometers and optics for vacuum and non-vacuum applications.

The Standard Series of single-axis interferometers accommodates input beam sizes up to 8 mm. Most of these interferometers are re-configurable to be used in either a straight-through or right-angle orientation.

The Differential Series of interferometers measure the relative displacement between two target mirrors.

The Compact Series of interferometers have a low profile and use small 3-mm beams to accommodate small target mirrors. One, two, and three-axis versions are available.

Beam splitters & fold mirrors are used to split light from the laser into multiple paths, one for each interferometer.

ZYGO's range of fiber optic pickups features a low-cost model for non-vacuum applications and two fully vented epoxy-free designs for vacuum and non-vacuum use.

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