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Beamsplitters & Fold Mirrors ZMI™ Series - Displacement Measuring Interferometers

Beamsplitters and fold mirrors are used to split light from the laser into multiple paths, one for each interferometer. All beamsplitters and fold mirrors are available in vacuum compatible versions.
Type: 10% 33% 50% 75% Fold
Fold Mirror
Reflection (minimum): 8% 27% 43% 68% 98% 97%
Transmission (minimum): 82% 62% 43% 19%
Standard: (P/N 6191-XXXX-XX) 0138-09 0138-01 0138-02 0138-07 0138-03 0301-01
Notched: (P/N 6191-XXXX-XX) 0302-01 0302-02 0302-03
Interferometer Mount: 6191-0445-01 6191-0446-01
Precision Adjustable Mount: 6191-0310-02 6191-0310-01

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