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Differential Series Interferometers ZMI™ Series - Displacement Measuring Interferometers

Column Reference Interferometer (CRI)
Differential interferometers measure relative displacement between two target mirrors. These interferometers will accommodate input beams up to 6 mm in diameter.
Description: Column Reference Interferometer (CRI) Differential Plane Mirror Interferometer (DPMI) Compact Wavelength Compensator (CWC)
Part Number: 6187-0100-01 6191-0188-02 6191-0584-01
Measurement: Displacement Displacement or pitch or yaw Changes in refractive index
Number of axes: 1
Target: Two plane mirrors Vacuum cavity
Optical Resolution: λ/4
Maximum Input Beam Size: 6 mm
Vacuum Compatible Version Available: Yes No
Fiber Optic Pickup Mounting Method: Mounting features included Factory mounted
Interferometer Mount: 6191-0446-01
Precision Adjustable Mount: 6191-0310-01
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