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ZYGO offers three fiber optic pickups (FOPs) to meet the needs of various applications.  The standard FOP is low cost, and effective for most non-vacuum applications.  The vacuum compatible FOP has a fully vented monolithic stainless steel housing and is epoxy-free.

The large clear aperture FOP offers the same benefits as the vacuum compatible FOP and an 18 mm input aperture for large beam or large beam shear applications.

Type: Standard Stainless Steel, Vacuum Compatible Stainless Steel, Vacuum Compatible, Large Input Aperture
Input Aperture: 9 mm 18 mm
Efficiency On-Axis: ≥40% ≥44%
Mass: 6 g 59 g 600 g
Housing Materials: Ryton Thermocomp 303 stainless steel;
No Adhesives or Polymers
Lens Material: Glass
Connector Type: ST
Part Number: 8040-0104-01 8040-0128-01 8040-0130-01
Packaging: Bagged Vacuum Baked, Double Bagged
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