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3D Optical Profilers

ZYGO's 3D Optical Profiler instruments enable precise, quantitative, ISO-compliant, non-contact surface measurement and characterization of micro- and nano-scale surface features, capturing up to two million data points in just seconds. Choosing the right optical profiler system depends on your application's requirements, including speed, precision, vertical range, automation, and flexibility.
ZeGage Pro Optical Surface Profiler
ZeGage™ Pro
Standard performance bench-top optical profiler. Compact design. Simple to use. Measure parts right on the shop floor!
NewView 9000 Optical Surface Profiler
NewView™ 9000
High performance optical profiler. Well suited for a wide range of applications, and highly configurable to meet your needs!
Nexview NX2 Optical Profiler
Nexview™ NX2
For ultra performance and industry-leading speed, precision, and automation. Designed for the most demanding applications. Measure virtually any surface!
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