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NewView™ MPT

NewView™ MPT
Building on the proven reliability of ZYGO's trusted NewView™ surface profilers, ZYGO's NewView™ MPT provides important operational and performance enhancements which make it easy to measure precision parts right on the factory floor.

The NewView™ MPT's rugged enclosure provides a secure, yet service-accessible, housing for the NewView™ 7000 Series surface profiler and computer system, a factory-grade keyboard and pointing device, and an ergonomically-mounted 17-inch flat-panel touchscreen/display – all in a footprint of less than one square yard.

Key Features:

• Factory-Floor Friendly

• Environmentally-Protected Optics

• Small Footprint

• Low Cost

• Compatible with Most Tooling

• High-Speed Data Acquisition

• Front Access for Easy Maintenance

• Flat-Panel Touchscreen on Ergonomic Mount

MetroPro® is ZYGO's comprehensive metrology analysis software package. It delivers measurement results in high-resolution 3-D graphics, and allows you to select from a multitude of numerical measurement values, providing the quantitative data you need to keep your process under control.

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