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Objective Lenses Custom Manufacturer

Industry-Leading Design and Manufacture of Reflective and Refractive Objectives

Custom Objective Designed for EUV Photolithography Custom Manufactured Objective, Calcium fluoride, for Semiconductor Application
CaF2 Objective - Semiconductor Application
Optical components for Lens Objective
Optical Components for Lens Objective
Facility for Assembling Custom Objectives and Relay Optics
ZYGO's Optical Assembly Facility
From initial concept, to prototype, to volume production, ZYGO will work with you as an extension of your existing team, or as a stand-alone product development team, to optimize your custom objective design for performance, cost, and delivery.
The objective lens is the heart of many high-precision optical systems, and when it comes to designing and manufacturing custom objective lenses and relay optics, few can claim the breadth, quality and precision of ZYGO's Optics business segment.

Custom designing & manufacturing of objectives

We specialize in custom designed and manufactured objective lenses and optical assemblies for critical applications such as...

• Semiconductor inspection

• High resolution aerial reconnaissance

• Medical laser delivery

• 3D/multi-path imaging

• Athermal telescopes

• DNA sequencing & biomedical

• Multispectral reflective and/or refractive systems

• ISR Applications

Unique metrology of objectives:

• Custom wavelength interferometry

• MTF testing from -40° to +100°C and from sea level to 60,000 feet

• Computer-generated holograms (CGH)

Custom objective design/fabrication:

• Advanced tolerancing methods for highly accurate optical and thermal performance modeling

• Advanced aspheric and free-form optics

Materials we process:

• Glasses (Fused Silica, BK7 etc.)


• Single crystals (CaF2, sapphire, silicon, etc.)

• Polycrystalline materials
(Silicon Carbide, etc.)

Wide range of applications:

• Monolithic or light-weighted designs

• Refractive or reflective designs

• Athermal designs, high laser damage threshold (LIDT), Low scatter etc.

Wide range of wavelengths:

• EUV, DUV, visible, IR, SWIR,
multi-spectral etc.

First tier optical manufacturing facilities

ZYGO's Tier 1 optical assembly facility boasts class 100 clean room capabilities, in-line production optical compensation, and Design for Manufacture and Assembly engineering services. The facility is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485-2003 certified, and is FDA and ITAR registered.

Our design and prototyping center offers expert engineering and program management services for your most demanding design, development, fabrication, and assembly challenges for custom objectives and relay optics.

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