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Case Studies Dental Imaging Device Helmet Mount Display Medical UV Light
Projection System

Case Studies of Custom Optical Design & AssemblyDesigning and manufacturing optical products cost effectively

Dental imaging device

Dental imaging device (click for full story)

Helmet mount display

Helmet mount heads-up display (click for full story)

Medical UV Projection System

Our UV light projection system can precisely adjust an intraocular lens in the eye (click for full story)

Key Points:

• Full range of services, from à-la-carte to turn-key

• Design and rapid prototyping

• High or low volume manufacturing

• ISO-9001, ISO-13485, ITAR, and FDA registered

• Custom or off-the-shelf components

You can beat the competition to market, and save money in the process, by getting it right the first time when designing and optimizing a product for manufacturing.

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Dental Imaging Device

Heads Up Display

Human Lens Replacement

As an industry leader in opto-mechanical and electro-optical assemblies, ZYGO offers significant advantages:

World Class Design Partner: Designing for manufacturing is a highly-collaborative effort that must satisfy both technical and business requirements. ZYGO excels at collaboration to the point where our engineers are often considered to be "key program assets" by our customers.

Quality standards, well beyond the equipment: ZYGO metrology and quality are well respected worldwide, but our Electro-Optics group takes it even further by building-in robust quality procedures that prevent yield problems later in production. Our facility is both ISO-13485 and ISO-9001 compliant to satisfy our medical, semiconductor and defense customers.

Reliable Manufacturing Processes: The frightening untold secret of many optical assembly providers is that glass and metal alignment/assembly is largely trial and error. And it may stay a secret until delivery problems occur at the production stage, and then persist for months or even years. There are no such secrets with ZYGO. Not only are our processes repeatable, but they are highly expandable. This is one of the reasons ZYGO is often the de facto sole-source supplier.

Value, with a Measured Response: Many a CEO has been heard to grumble, "Why do we never have the time or money to get it right the first time?" Or, "Why did we design this to last 100 years when our customers only want five?"

   At ZYGO, we understand the CEOs' concerns, as well as the sometimes conflicting demands placed on their organizations. ZYGO understands the delicate balance between price and performance.

   From simple drop-in assemblies, to highly-compensated lithography optics, to high-altitude reconnaissance optics, we can help your technical staff achieve their goals, and satisfy the C-suite as well.

Case Studies

Dental Imaging Device – a fledgling startup needed expert optical design and manufacturing services. ZYGO stepped in when it counted most.

Heads Up Display – The military needed a new helmet-mounted virtual reality landscape simulator to train pilots. ZYGO's expert electro-optical design and manufacturing services helped them hit their target.

Human Lens Replacement – ZYGO's FDA-compliant processes were instrumental in manufacturing a UV-curing optical system used in a novel approach to intraocular lens implants. We built a complete ophthalmic workstation to ensure a consistent, careful progression out of the prototype stage and into clinical trials.

From Concept, to Prototype, to Production

ZYGO can work with you at any phase of the Product Introduction Lifecycle, either as an extension of your existing team, or as a stand-alone product development team. Come to ZYGO when you need to get it right the first time.
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