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Aspheres, Aspheric Lenses, Aspheric Surfaces Extreme Precision Aspheres for Critical Applications

Aspherical precision lens manufactured with ZYGO's extreme precision aspheric lens manufacturing technologies.
Precision aspheres are manufactured with ZYGO's extreme precision aspherical manufacturing technologies.
ZYGO's Optics business segment custom manufactures extreme precision aspheric optics in sizes up to 500 mm, with tolerances better than λ/5000 RMS @ 633 nm.

Why Aspheres?

Aspheric lens designs have special properties that can reduce or eliminate spherical aberration and other optical aberrations as compared to lenses with spherical surfaces. With the explosive growth of miniaturized cameras, such as those in smart phones and tablets, an aspheric lens can replace a more complicated multi-lens design, enabling such devices to be thinner, lighter in weight, and potentially less expensive. There are many additional applications for aspheric mirrors and aspheric lenses in industry, especially for critical lithographic applications. Improved processes for fabrication of precision aspheres made from infrared substrates have made aspheres more widely used in IR optical systems as well.

Aspheres, Aspheric Surface & Aspheric Lens Fabrication

Asphere sizes to 500 mm

• Materials: Zerodur, ULE, Glass, Ceramics, Si, CaF2

• Accuracy to λ/5000 RMS @ 633 nm

• Off-axis aspheric mirrors without parent fabrication

• Technologies:
›› Computer Controlled Optical Surfacing (CCOS)
›› Ion Beam Figuring (IBF)
›› Magneto-Rheological Finishing (MRF)
›› Precision optical & CMM metrology
›› Physical null lenses and/or Computer Generated Holograms (CGH)

Quality Control

ZYGO's vertically-integrated approach to manufacturing aspheric lenses, aspheric mirrors, and aspheric surfaces provides additional assurance that you are receiving a top-quality optical product. Our Metrology business segment designs and manufactures metrology instrumentation systems that are trusted by optical manufacturers large and small worldwide. Each precision aspheric optic we manufacture is tested throughout the fabrication process on ZYGO's own optical surface profilers and laser interferometer systems.

Use the form below, or contact ZYGO's Optics business segment today to learn more about precision aspheres and our precision aspherical lens manufacturing technologies.

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