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Optical Design

Optical design and optical engineering are core disciplines at ZYGO. We take our customer's most challenging reflective or refractive optical design and engineering projects, and lead them through to a finished optical component or opto-mechanical/electro-optical assembly.

Our perspective in optical design and opto-mechanical engineering is on manufacturability, and we apply that expertise to your project from the very first review of the requirement. Whether you need optical components, rapid prototyping, electro-optical or opto-mechanical manufacturing, ZYGO's reputation is in being able to make the impossible possible. We thrive on projects with the most intricate geometries, tightest tolerances or exotic wavelengths and materials.

Optical design of a 7-element lens assembly employing CaF2 and Fused Silica components, for an aerospace application
In a review of your concept or request for proposal, we'll confirm your design's technical parameters, helping you evaluate optimal specifications. With these insights, you're better able to meet your performance requirements, and you may even identify opportunities for cost reduction, whether in time or capital. Our customers like to say that they get a free consultation just by asking for a quote, but we offer full design and engineering services as needed for a component or assembly project.

ZYGO's optical design engineers are ready to enter any stage of your project: feasibility review, prototype assembly, or a full design of opto-mechanical or opto-electronic systems. Oftentimes our customers have great expertise in particular disciplines, but don't have depth in disciplines outside their core technology. Whether the need is optical, mechanical, electronic or systems engineering – or a combination of those – our engineering teams will be able to mesh into and reinforce your resources.

Opto-mechanical Engineering

Optical design 3D model of dental imaging device comprised of 20 elements, LED illumination, and three cameras
ZYGO's opto-mechanical and optical engineering experts are organized within highly experienced multi-discipline teams, called Integrated Product Teams, led by a Program Manager. The teams include members from across the enterprise as needed: engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and quality assurance experts can ramp from your basic concept to delivery of the final product.

The optical designers work in CODE V™ or Zemax™ optical engineering CAD software – each are widely respected optical modeling programs, and we use them according to the best advantage for your project. The applications are industry standards, so our ability to interface and transfer files with you is assured.

Optical design of a curved component
Alongside our optical designers, ZYGO opto-mechanical engineering can develop and design in SOLIDWORKS® or Pro/ENGINEER™ CAD programs. This gives us broad compatibility in sharing inputs and outputs. The CAD systems each have their strengths, but through them ZYGO provides advanced design, solid modeling and finite element analysis (FEA), to help assure success and fulfill your vision.

ZYGO engineering teams are accustomed to working concurrently on the various aspects of an assembly, a process aimed at seamlessly transitioning your challenging design to volume production.

Extensive development programs, working in close cooperation with our customers, are a long tradition with ZYGO Optics and Electro-optics. Whether we are ramping up for manufacturing x-ray optics, semiconductor inspection assemblies or projection optics for fast-laser surgery devices, it is not unusual for a customer to be provided with their own work space within a ZYGO facility, to enable them to work more effectively with their Integrated Product Team.

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