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MetroPro® Profiler Application Manuals

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Title Document
Microscope Applications (MetroPro) OMP-0360H
The Microscope Applications support the NewView 700/7000 series of optical profilers and include the Micro7K and MicroErr applications. Micro7K is designed to measure surface structure and roughness of test parts. The MicroErr application is used to create system error files, which map out systematic errors for the instrument and objectives.
Advanced Texture Application (MetroPro) OMP-0362H
The Advanced Texture Application provides a complete set of controls, plots, and results, to measure and quantify the surface texture of a test part. It can be used with any of ZYGO's microscopes, including the NewView™ and Maxim. The application is ideal for measuring surfaces that are subject to wear, including disk drive media, magnetic tape, machined metal, and films. It can also be used for any surface in which you want to visualize and measure the components of surface texture.
Disk Dub-off Application (MetroPro) OMP-0363B
The Disk Dub-off Application is designed to measure hard disk dub-off. Dub-off is the rounded area along the edge of the disk and the flyable zone. Dub-off is also known as roll-off. According to International Disk Equipment and Materials Association (IDEMA) specifications, roll-off is "the negative deviation from the nominal surface extending from the chamfer and continuing to the edge of the flyable zone." The application requires a 2.5X or lower magnification objective and can examine a segment of the disk edge.
Edge Blend Application (MetroPro) OMP-0364B
The Edge Blend Application measures the area along a slider rail where the air bearing surface meets the rail edge. It provides quantitative results about the blend between these two surfaces. A section of one edge of one rail can be measured. The application requires a 20X, 40X, or 50X Mirau objective.
Pole Tip Recession Application (MetroPro) OMP-0365F
The Pole Tip Recession (PTR) Applications are designed to measure pole tip characteristics of magnetic read/write heads, specifically those found in thin film sliders. The PTR Applications measure the recession of the pole tips below the air bearing surface (ABS), the recession of the baselayer or etch area, and other related pole tip parameters.
Trimmed PTR Application (MetroPro) OMP-0367C
The Trimmed Pole Tip Recession (PTR) Application is designed to measure the characteristics of trimmed or etched pole tip read/write heads. The application measures the recession of the pole tips to the etched and unetched glass regions, wall angle, and other related parameters.
Step Height Application (MetroPro) OMP-0368E
The Step Height Application is used to accurately measure vertical steps, including steps on machined metals and glasses, etched surfaces, patterned semiconductor wafers, and National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable Step Height Standards. Steps must be adjacent to one another; this application will not measure the thickness through a material.
Taper Flat Application (MetroPro) OMP-0369B
The Taper Flat Application measures the taper flat or ramp of slider rails. The taper flat is short area at the leading edge of each slider rail; this area is typically at a slight angle from the air bearing surface (ABS). The application requires a 10X objective.
Wall Angle Application (MetroPro) OMP-0371B
The MetroPro® Wall Angle Application is specifically designed to measure Transverse Pressure Contour (TPC) sliders with single steps, such as those shown in the drawing below. It provides comprehensive test results on the width of the stepped areas and the angle of the wall between the ABS and the steps. The Wall Angle Application requires a 10X Mirau objective and can examine one rail with steps.
ABS Geometry Application (MetroPro) OMP-0374E
The MetroPro® ABS (air bearing surface) Geometry application provides a complete solution for measuring the geometry of many types of read/write sliders used in hard disk drives with ZYGO's microscope products. This Manual covers several configurations of the ABS Geometry application. The analysis automatically locates the measurement area, displays multiple views of the slider, provide numerous results, and offer statistical process control output.
Stitching Application (MetroPro) OMP-0375J
The MetroPro® Stitching Application is designed to measure and analyze surface areas much larger than possible with a single measurement. Stitching makes several measurements of the test part as it is moved by a motorized stage and then combines or stitches the multiple data sets into one. Effectively, it increases the field of view without compromising lateral or vertical resolution. The graphics and results displayed on screen are based on the entire measured area.
MultiSurf Application (MetroPro) OMP-0376D
The MetroPro® MultiSurf Application provides a complete set of controls, plots, and results, to isolate areas of interest on the surface of your test part. In simple terms, it is used to segment or divide a single data set into multiple test areas. And once the control settings are established, similar parts can be measured and test areas isolated automatically.
Dynamic Metrology Module (MetroPro) OMP-0377B
The Dynamic Metrology Module, which includes both hardware and software, is designed to measure Micro ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) as they are moving. The dynamic application freezeframes the motion of the device under test by synchronizing the strobed light source in the NewView interferometer to the device movement with a drive signal from an Arbitrary Waveform Generator.
Crosshatch Application (MetroPro) OMP-0491A
The CrossHatch application makes it possible to evaluate the relative strength of a surface generated by a process that results in a distinct lay direction. The application is an excellent tool for measuring the consistency of the process generating the crosshatch lay, frequency and amplitude. It can be used in both the process development and production control environments.
Film Analysis (MetroPro) OMP-0506C
The Film Analysis application is designed to measure surfaces in the presence of films. It can provide results on the top surface topography and roughness, the thickness of the film, and surface topography and roughness of the lower or substrate surface. Film analysis is accomplished by a special FDA analysis function that analyzes multiple intensity modulation signals to determine the substrate and film surfaces.
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