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MetroPro® and Mx™ Software

Before downloading or installing MetroPro® or Mx™ software, make sure you have the appropriate license for the version you download. The software will not run without the appropriate license. For assistance, contact our Customer Support Center at or call 800-994-6669.

Authentication Required - A username and password are required to download software. If you are an existing ZYGO customer, you may request that this information be e-mailed to you. If you would like to download software prior to purchasing a ZYGO product, your local Sales/Service Office will be happy to assist you.

Caution: The software available on this page is provided for supplemental off-line analysis, or for installation under the guidance of ZYGO Customer Support.  If you attempt to update Mx™ or MetroPro® software on your system without first contacting ZYGO Customer Support, your system may become inoperative.  (email: or call: 800-994-6669)


• Software files download as a compressed .zip file (size shown in parentheses), requiring the use of extraction software to "unzip" the file before installation.

• It is recommended to save the file to your computer before running it. Either click on a link below and select "Save", or right-click a link and select "Save Target As..." from the popup menu.

• The version of Windows® on which MetroPro/Mx is supported is shown to the right of the file size.

• Mx™ software requires a license for both instrument and off-line analysis versions.

• MetroPro® & Mx™ example data sets may be downloaded here.

Mx   (710 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
PDF icon Release Notes
Mx   (709 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
PDF icon Release Notes
Mx   (739 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
PDF icon Release Notes
Mx   (738 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
PDF icon Release Notes
Mx   (738 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
Mx   (738 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
Mx   (726 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
Mx   (731 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
Mx   (726 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
Mx   (723 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
Mx   (717 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
Mx   (1.02 GB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (999 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (953 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (953 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (950 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (916 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (917 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (920 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (920 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (828 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (823 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (823 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (823 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (527 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (527 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (500 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (500 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (471 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (471 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (471 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (471 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (472 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (472 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (484 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (483 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (602 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (602 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (597 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (586 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (586 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (587 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (572 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
Mx   (550 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 10.0.0   (629 MB)  Win7/10 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.1.9   (627 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.1.8   (589 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.1.6   (545 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.1.4   (543 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.1.2   (543 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.1.1   (543 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.1.0   (543 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.0.10   (541 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.0.9   (541 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 9.0.2   (484 MB)  Win7 (64-bit)
MetroPro 8.3.5   (196 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.3.4   (196 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.3.3   (139 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.3.2   (133 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.3.1   (126 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.3.0   (126 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.2.0   (99 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.1.5   (74 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.1.3   (74 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.1.2   (74 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.1.1   (62 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.1.0   (37 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.0.2   (36 MB)  XP
MetroPro 8.0.1   (35 MB)  NT, 2000, XP
MetroPro 8.0.0   (34 MB)  NT, 2000, XP
MetroPro 7.15.1   (32 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.15.0   (31 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.14.1   (31 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.14.0   (30 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.12.0   (26 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.11.1   (26 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.10.0   (24 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.9.0   (19 MB)  NT, 2000
MetroPro 7.8.0   (19 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.7.0   (18 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.6.1   (18 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.6.0   (19 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.4.2   (15 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.3.4   (13 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.3.3   (10 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.3.2   (10 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.3.1   (10 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.3.0   (9 MB)  NT
MetroPro 7.2.2   (8 MB)  NT
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