Body & Cover Glass

Mobile Phone Body & Cover GlassThere are a number of critical parameters on smart phone exteriors bodies that require precision metrology.  Quantitative roughness measurements of metal, plastic, glass, or simultaneous combinations of all three are critical for ensuring the functionality as well as look and feel of the finished product.

Phone Body

Surface roughness

Surface roughness is a critical measurand on phone bodies to maintain the look and feel of the device. In addition to roughness, there are often recesses, chamfers, sealing positions, and step heights that require close monitoring to ensure device functionality and manufacturing quality.

Typical measurements beyond roughness include button depths, microphone and speaker recess depths, camera module and flash heights, and glass to metal seal inspection.

Cover glass

Measure the glass surfaceThe quality of the front glass is critical to the appearance of the display and can affect the sensors behind the glass.  ZYGO metrology solutions can measure the glass surface over a large area for broad flatness measurements or in specific regions near critical edges and sensors.

Edges can include designed chamfers which can accurately be characterized to determine chamfer width, angle, or radius of curvature.

Using Mx Films Analysis, films or coatings that are present on the surface can be characterized. Films characterization can determine film area, volume, and physical material thickness whether a small, localized region or the entire part.

ZYGO’s metrology solutions provide:

  • Acquisition over a wide range of surface types: Everything from challenging rough plastics to highly reflective mirror surfaces and in between is easily measurable with standard product offerings.
  • Non-contact measurements: ZYGO’s measurement techniques are inherently non-contact and will not mark or damage sensitive optical and electronic components. This means measured samples can still be used in final products.
  • Optional measurement automation: ZYGO metrology can be seamlessly incorporated into your production line. From a single spot check to a full tray of parts, automation can accommodate complex patterns and a wide range of sample sizes.

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