For ZYGO, It's All About the Details
Not so long ago, dangerous tasks on worksites from oil fields to factory lines had to be done with human measurement. It is incredible that we have now reached a point where the machines we rely on are able to complete these tasks on their own. This is possible due to vision analysis software, giving a machine the ability to see the surface in front of it and make automatic adjustments according to the features presented. The problem? All too often companies only utilize 2D software, giving their technological assets an imperfect view of the task ahead.

In metrology and process control, precision is the name of the game. Vision software must be able to identify all dimensions presented and have the ability to auto adjust the alignment accordingly. ZYGO recognized that and sought to make the process simpler for all involved. Because of this, ZYGO's Mx™ software can be fully integrated with Cognex VisionPro® across the full optical profiler and laser interferometer product lines. This software coordination allows for the production of high-fidelity 2D and 3D images, but also opens the door for the Vision Software Suite to be implemented in a wide range of industries.

For example, ensuring a uniform and safe delivery process in diesel fuel injectors can be made easier with this software. Having these analytical capabilities can allow for burr detection on the devices and measure for any nozzle hole variation that may be present. Or, alternatively, the vision software can aid in the automated alignment of panels for computer parts that require a high level of precision in their construction, such as hard disk components and printed circuit boards. Virtually any industry where exact measurements are a necessity can benefit from Mx™ with VisionPro®.

The software is straightforward and easily utilized. This is the result of pairing VisionPro's deployment capabilities with the pattern matching and analysis capabilities of Mx. Not only that, but this system allows for simultaneous measurement, meaning there will be no change in the analyzed surface between lateral and vertical metrology.

To prevent errors on your production line, precise and comprehensive vision analysis must be used. By utilizing a program that not only analyzes the 2D image presented, but also provides 3D height data, as well as pattern matching for proper part alignment, you can speed up your entire process while reducing mistakes. ZYGO's integrated solution does exactly that. To learn more, visit our Automated Image Inspection application page.