Optical Profiler Objectives

Profiler Objectives on Motorized TurretKey to keeping an optical profiler investment cost effective and relevant for the long haul is making sure that it will be adaptable as metrology needs evolve. Objectives are at the heart of ZYGO’s CSI Profilers, providing flexibility in field of view, lateral resolution, and slope acceptance. For that reason, ZYGO has worked to have one of the widest ranges of interferometric objectives available – from 1X to 100X, which can be added over time.

The objective variety delivers an industry leading field of view range extending from 0.4mm up to more than 17mm.  Beyond just field of view, though, ZYGO objectives are designed to be parfocal so that they can be combined in a variety of ways to deliver maximum application flexibility.  Several application specific configurations and accessories are available including:

  • Long working distance (LWD) and Super long working distance (SLWD) models with standoff distances of 20mm and 40mm for recessed, obstructed, and otherwise difficult to access surfaces.
  • Glass compensated (GC) LWD objectives are available for measuring samples under a protective transparent window.
  • Quick change single objective dovetails as well as both manual and motorized encoded objective turrets to safely, quickly, and easily change between different objectives

The Pursuit of Precision

Ensuring the best imaging for objectives is critical to metrology performance.  As a company with a deep optical heritage, ZYGO recognizes this and precisely focuses all of our objectives to ensure a precise match for optical focus and interferometric focus – a key difference between ZYGO and other manufacturers.

Additionally this optical heritage has delivered some truly exclusive objective options such as the patented Zygo Wide Field (ZWF) 1.4X.  This exclusive provides a large field of view in a compact package that is easy to combine with other objectives on a turret and enabling multiple measurement types on a single tool.

To determine the best combination of objectives for your application reach out to us to schedule a demonstration on your sample. 

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