Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional AnalysisZYGO can extend its capabilities to enable sub-pixel 2D metrology from the same data used to report 3D metrology results. Users have the choice of using either height or intensity data to make these lateral measurements. Parameters such as line and space widths, hole dimensions, and feature to feature relationships are possible.

ZYGO’s 2D metrology solutions are not only used for lateral dimensions, but also enable production and automation environments. 2D metrology can be used to identify features for part alignment to ensure reliable and repeatable metrology solutions in production style measurement.


Line WidthsAs technologies and precision advance in wafers, optical lithography, and the semi-conductor industries a demand must be met for reliable metrology solutions. A common need across these industries is linewidth measurements. ZYGO 2D Metrology solutions offer a highly repeatable non-contact solution for this measurement application. These 2D linewidth measurements make non-contact, high speed process control possible in these industries that have an increase in demand for quality and reliable products.

Mx Integration with Automation and Pattern Matching

Pattern MatchingMx Software combined with the Cognex® VisionPro™ Software Suite allows the user to use known features on a sample to align a measurement. This automatic measurement alignment gives confidence in repeatable results from sample to sample and operator to operator. There are several functions the VisionPro™ Software Suite can perform to help automate a specific measurement.

VisionPro™ Software could be used to align a group of parts in a fixture by performing origin offset and rotation of a pattern based on the found location of one or more trained features. The VisionPro™ Software Suite is also capable of auto centering a measurement on a specific feature. Lastly VisionPro™ could be used to mask a certain feature and ignore other features in the measurement field of view.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing GDTGeometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is possible using 2D metrology data.  GD&T features such as basic lateral dimensioning, true position, and concentricity are all possible using ZYGO 2D metrology data.

Results that would generally require multiple systems and multiple measurements can all be found using a singular 2D measurement taken on a ZYGO system.

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