Optical Measurement of Films & Coatings

Precise characterization of thick and thin film topography and thickness, and substrate topography

3D Measurement of Partial Overcoat of Transparent Film on a Device
A measurement showing a partial overcoat of transparent film on a device. Topography maps are shown for both the film surface, and the substrate surface.

There are many applications in which the deposition and control of films and coatings is critical to enabling functionality or efficiency of devices, including consumer electronics, semiconductors, optics and many more. Such advanced devices often demand accurate characterization of film topography and layer thicknesses to ensure high quality and performance.

Based on non-destructive, non-contact areal-based optical technologies (CSI - Coherence Scanning Interferometry), our versatile and precise 3D metrology instruments and sensors can measure a diverse range of transparent surfaces with varying topography and layer thicknesses, from 50 nanometers to 150 microns, over an area of microns to millimeters.

To learn more about our capabilities, please see our highlighted application solutions below, or contact us to discuss your application with a sales engineer.

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