Form & Flatness

Manufactured surfaces can take on many shapes and sizes. For surfaces where the characterization of shape is function critical, ZYGO laser interferometers and 3D optical profilers stand out with sub-nanometer repeatability of non-contact surface data. Incorporating industry standards for form and flatness into Mx™ analysis software creates a single stop measurement tool for surface inspection. Explore the solutions for your application in surface form and flatness metrology below.


Form Measurement

Form metrology can be summarized as the absolute or relative measurement of a surface compared to a base shape. ZYGO products cover general applications like spheres and cylinders for ready measurements using standard products along with specialized application and tools for more complicated forms such as aspheres or thin glass.

The ZYGO application space on form metrology is as wide and our tools are flexible. Radii on bevels, angles of prisms or between surfaces, or surface curvature are just a few examples. Cartesian and rotationally symmetric fitting functions accompany millions of data points across a given surface to ensure confidence in our form metrology.


Flatness Measurement

Flatness measurements are performed in various ways across the ZYGO product line. High quality transmission flats (up to λ/50) allow ZYGO laser interferometers to measure flats for space telescopes down to ground steel surfaces. Mx™ software extends the flatness metrology application space for oversized (greater than 4 to 6”) rectangular surfaces by way of the grazing incidence measurement.

Optical profilers with motorized staging overcome small field of view measurements with stitching and patterned moves to explore and render flatness results of your surface. Similarly, the range of working distances for our microscope objectives allow for measure of flat seats and seals in recessed cavities.

With a number of solutions and a robust application space, ZYGO prides itself on being a leader in surface form and flatness metrology. Learn how ZYGO can meet surface specifications while exceeding your expectations.  

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