Wear & Volume Analysis

Measuring volumetric properties of a surface is most often used in wear analysis of lubricated surface but has uses in many other applications such as adhesion, porosity, and particle distribution.

Material Wear Analysis

When it comes to tribological studies, understanding and quantifying wear scars is critical to understanding the complete picture. ZYGO’s 3D optical profiler systems make quick work of segmenting the wear scar from the unworn area to provide quantitative metrics. Some of the metrics that are commonly looked at include:

  • Volume
  • Max & Avg. Depth
  • Area
Material Push-Up
  • Volume
  • Max & Avg. Height
  • Area

 Surface Texture & Material Ratio Analysis

Describing the Surface Texture & Material Ratio Analysis

In addition to understanding a wear scar as part of a tribology study, it is important to be able to accurately describe & quantify the surface finish as the texture will have a big impact on the performance of the surface and can provide insight into how the surface will perform. Historically people will rely on average roughness (Ra or Sa) to describe the surface but it often falls short of fully describing the surface but including other parameters such as skewness (Ssk), kurtosis (Sku), or the material ratio parameters can help better describe the surface.

Material Ratio Analysis, often also referred to as Bearing Ratio Analysis or the Abbott-Firestone Curve, looks at the distribution of the surface as a function of height. This can be particularly useful when trying to describe a plateau honed or stratified surface like the sidewall of an engine cylinder bore. For example, you might use the Reduced Valley depth (Svk) to understand the ability of a surface to retain lubrication and the Core & Valley Void Volumes (Vvc and Vvv) to understand how much lubrication is retained.

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