Adaptive Optics

Synchrotron Deformable Mirror

Synchrotron Deformable Mirror DiagramIn synchrotron applications, deformable mirrors focus x-ray beams coming in at grazing incidence and are therefore longer narrow mirrors.

ZPS™ sensors can be deployed along the length of the mirror to measure the curvature or complex shape of the mirror. In the case of hard xray beamlines, the ZPS system can directly measure the part of the mirror that interacts with the beam.

ZPS sensors have been exposed to x-ray radiation have shown no signs of performance degradation to date. ZYGO can provide sensors with Kapton jacketing for x-ray resistance and vacuum compatibility down to 10-9 torr (10-7 Pa).

Key ZPS™ Components
Item Qty Description Part #
1 1 ZPS Enclosure, 30 Channel 8060-0150-03
2 28 ZPS Sensor, Kapton Jacket, 3m 8060-0303-42
3 2 MT Elite Breakout Cable, 5m 8060-0221-02
4 2 MT Elite Patchcord, 5m 8060-0220-01
5 2 MPO Mating Sleeve 8060-0301-01
6 28 FC/APC Mating Sleeve 8060-0302-01

Optional ZPS™ Components
Item Qty Description Part #
1 1 ZPS Computer with SRIO Interface 8060-0180-01
2 1 SRIO Cable, Electrical 1115-800-069
Other Required Items
Item Description Suggested Suppliers
1 Piezo Deformable Mirror JTEC Corp, Thales SESO
2 Vacuum Chamber TOYAMA, FMB Berlin, Axilon
3 Vacuum Feedthrough Buffalo Conax

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