Specialized Asphere Applications and Analysis

Optical freeformsBeyond surface characterization, Zygo solutions offer feedback from the metrology setup to aspheric and freeform surface analysis.

Optical profilers and laser Fizeau systems can be used in common optical test setups to provide useful data on mild aspheric and freeform surfaces.

Coupled with Mx software, Zygo enables the investigation of parameters like mid-spatial frequency, critical surface flatness, and approximate base radii at any step in the fabrication process of an aspheric or freeform surface.

Optical profiler

Specialized analysis tools and mounting schemes are being developed to cover an exciting range of new applications. Distortion correction and post-measurement alignment error removal make CGH metrology a point and shoot test method for laser Fizeaus. Aspheric coefficient fitting and part visualization provide new user insight into micro aspheres and freeforms with optical profilers.

Expand the understanding of your process with 3D printed prototype mounting, optical modeling or alignment platforms by leveraging the in-house experience of the Zygo team. Instruments and personnel combine to provide a simple and complete approach to aspheric and freeform analysis.

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