Machined Surfaces

Metrology of Precision Machined Surfaces

ZYGO 3D optical profiler products utilize non-contact coherence scanning interferometry (CSI) technology to offer precise, rapid and quantitative surface metrology of form and roughness for improved part quality and manufacturing yields. Our field-proven and innovative solutions enable our customers to control their current machining processes, while providing the insight to analyze and solve manufacturing challenges as they arise.

Today's process and quality engineers require the ability to evaluate parts quickly and change machining programs on the fly. The flexible and powerful tools found in ZYGO's Mx™ software enable rapid application development and deployment to other ZYGO 3D optical profilers, either in the same plant or worldwide. With thousands of ZYGO 3D optical profilers systems being used in precision metrology applications around the world, ZYGO has become a recognized partner for quality, precision, and knowledge.

  • Areal metrology at high resolution and speed, providing >1 million data points in seconds.
  • Vibration-robust measurements for the production floor, with SureScan™ technology
  • Wide range of imaging optics for measuring form and flatness, with a single tool
  • Automated and programmable part stages, with X/Y travel range up to 200 x 325 mm
  • Measurement results compliant with ISO 25178 and ISO 4287 standards 

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