Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injector Sealing Surface

Fuel Injector Sealing Surface Measurement

One of the most significant advances in automotive technology has been in injector development. Requiring 100% operation under extreme pressures and operating temperatures, manufacturers invested large amounts of technology and manufacturing development to produce and maintain extremely tight tolerances on surface texture, cone angle, and contact diameter roundness.

As these injectors now operate above 40,000 psi, sealing surfaces are required to be metal-to-metal as any non-metallic material would be simply blown out. These sealing surfaces need to maintain very high flatness with super finishing, a process which creates extremely low surface roughness.

As the sealing surfaces are critical to the performance and lifetime of the injector, typical contact metrology cannot be utilized as the stylus could mar the surface during measurement causing a leak path when the injector is under pressure. Non-contact is the most viable option for injector metrology.


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