Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are rapidly transitioning to electrically based motors vehicles (EV), whether full electric or hybrid.  This change presents challenges, especially for the electric drivetrain. By eliminating the internal combustion engine, traditionally manufactured gears produce noise generally masked by the motor. Also, to achieve consumer confidence in performance, most EVs will need to attain range parity with their fuel counterparts.   

To achieve these goals, gear manufacturers need to utilize newer machining technologies or processes to reduce noise-producing waviness. They are also looking to increase range by accurately controlling the surface texture. We can help.

By acquiring precise measurements along the gear flank or from root to tip, the ZYGO Nexview NX2™, NewView™ 9000, or ZeGage™ can assist in machine tool set-up by:

  • Distinguishing texture differences
  • Reducing tooling set-up time by rapidly providing quantifiable results as feedback
  • Monitoring the process on the production floor

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