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Hip Joint Implant

Rough/Smooth Transition Measured in One Shot
Rough/Smooth Transition Measured in One Shot

For the current population of adults 40 or older, the suffering from bone degeneration is approaching 90% (Nag and Banerjee, 2012), predominantly with site-specific damage such as hip and shoulder joints.

The manufacturing and function of these implants requires the use of unique materials and processes to allow proper osseointegration. Efforts to reduce or eliminate implant loosening requires surface textures appropriate for the joining of the natural bone growth of the human body.

The ability to quantify the process stability necessitates metrology which has the dynamic range to measure extremely rough to smooth surfaces repeatably.

* Nag, Soumya, and Rajarshi Banerjee. "Fundamentals of Medical Implant Materials." American Society for Materials Handbook, vol. 23, pp. 6-17.*

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