Micro-electromechanical systems, or MEMS, have become critical components in a variety of consumer and industrial products, including things inkjet printers, cellular phones and accelerometers for automobile airbags. MEMS devices are typically manufactured in high volumes, often using modified semiconductor processes, to exacting specifications. For MEMS manufacturers to meet high production standards, these devices need to be measured at various steps of the design, fabrication and production process.

Our 3D Optical Profiler systems enable manufacturers to attain high quality and process control standards through fully automated metrology and inspection.  These systems are fully configurable and programmable with the aid of our versatile hardware platform and powerful Mx™ metrology software suite, enabling high-precision, non-contact MEMS surface metrology and dimensional measurement. While the broad range of MEMS applications and designs makes every application unique, ZYGO has a strong tradition of supporting MEMS research, product development, and manufacturing.

Surface Profiling

Surface Profiling MEMS DeviceFrom bare substrate qualification, to in-process verification, to final inspection, ZYGO 3D optical profiler systems deliver highly precise surface maps of your device. Typical applications include:

Roughness and defect inspection for bare and coated substrates. Sub-nanometer precision and flexible imaging areas enable rapid incoming QC.

Deposition thickness and etch depth verification. Measure critical surface heights and depths with an automated analysis routine that removes manual configuration and operation influence.

Static deflection of cantilevers, diaphragms and actuated mirrors. Microphones, speakers, and micro-cantilever systems can all have their static deflection under load measured, including testing for actuator response on adaptive mirror surfaces.

Film and Coating Measurements

Films Metrology of MEMS DevicesFilms analysis techniques allow for the measurement of transparent film thickness, as well as top surface and substrate topography. Oxides and photoresist are the most common, but protective or insulating coatings like AlN or AL2O3 are also good candidates for measurement. With a full range of unique technologies for film metrology, ZYGO can provide a solution for transparent coatings ranging in thickness from below 100 nanometers to over 100 micrometers.

Precision Lateral Dimensioning

Lateral Dimensioning - MEMS DevicesIn addition to high resolution three-dimensional surface maps, ZYGO CSI produces the cleanest, highest contrast microscope imagery available on an interferometer. These images in combination with the VisionPro Software Suite can be used for sub-pixel lateral dimensioning and automated alignment.

MEMS and microelectronics often contain multi-step manufacturing processes that require well aligned masks. To avoid defects where features don’t align, measure relative positioning and placement at the same time you’re measuring etch depths. Vision applications have no additional impact on measurement throughput, full integration with Mx™ software’s result tracking, tolerancing, and reporting, and the peace of mind of direct ZYGO support.

Instruments for the Full Process

Making a good product and bringing it to market takes a lot of people, from the research team, to process development engineers, and production floor operators. We are with you every step of the way, starting with research grade instruments that know you may not use them every day. That is why we make sure it’s easy to sit down and get data on the screen fast, with innovative features like Part Finder. We make sure you can easily share results with colleagues – plus, we made Mx freely available with no fee, so you can work from the lab, the office, or home.

When it’s time to control the production process, trust in ZYGO’s experience with robust automation routines, statistical tracking and reporting, and a global service organization. Powerful application building tools and scripting capability provide one-button operation with pass/fail indication.


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