Micro Lenses

Micro Lenses and Micro Lens MoldsMicro lens arrays are integral to a variety of applications, including displays, sensors, and other photonic systems. Key metrics of micro lens arrays include the radius of curvature, diameter, and pitch.

Additionally, to limit optical surface scattering, surface texture is also a crucial measurement. ZYGO's non-contact optical profilers provide a full, high resolution 3D surface map of micro lens arrays.

Micro lens arrays are often produced at high volume. As a result, an automated, reliable metrology solution is essential to keep up with production. ZYGO 3D optical profilers can be configured with motorized stages, allowing for automated part measurements using recipes including automated part alignment.

Precision Measurement of Micro Lens SurfaceZYGO's Mx™ software controls all these systems, providing a simple, interactive interface to measure, analyze, and automate the collection of micro lens array data. The flexible UI is perfect for integration into many applications, from single measurements to production. Additionally, the Regions Analysis tool, which comes standard in the software, can automatically segment out individual micro lenses from the array, enabling discrete or group analysis.

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