Mobile Phone Components

Rapid innovation in the smart phone market requires increasingly precise metrology to enable production ramps.  ZYGO’s metrology solutions are used on every piece of a modern smart phone at every stage of the supply chain.  From cover glass to circuit boards and lens modules to microphones, ZYGO is enabling smart phone manufacturers and their supply chain worldwide.

The delicacy, precision, and sheer range of surfaces and components used within the construction of a smart phone poses manufacturing challenges that can negatively affect yield and device functionality. ZYGO’s versatile, non-contact optical technologies addresses these challenges by enabling precise surface metrology regardless of surface roughness, reflectivity, or material type – using a single tool. This eliminates the need for multiple systems to perform different tasks and streamlines the inspection process, while enhancing manufacturing efficiency, improving yield, and maintaining low costs and increasing market competitiveness.

Our 3D Optical Profilers are deployed across a range of applications in research and manufacturing, including phone body and cover glass, the camera module, MEMS structures, and flex circuitry.

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