Camera Modules

Mobile Phone Camera AssemblyThe camera module is a component present on almost all cell phones today and many portable electronic devices. Modern camera modules contain many different sub-components which can easily be characterized using ZYGO 3D optical profilers. Some of the most common sub-components measured by ZYGO include micro-lenses, lens barrels, imaging sensors, and other optical components in the module.

micro lensA micro-lens stack can be anything from a simple doublet lens to a complex optical system with 10 or more surfaces. Both lens form relative to design and the alignment of the optical axis to critical lens datums are critical to system performance.

ZYGO 3D metrology systems are used to characterize the entire lens from the lens area to the interlock and alignment features beyond the clear aperture.

Measurements of optical surface form can determine:

  • Optical surface deviation from the prescription or design
  • Optical surface texture including roughness and turning mark analysis
  • Defect detection and lens irregularities caused by the manufacturing process

The dimensional datums require measurement of the shape, size, and position to determine good alignment of the lenses in the optical system.

Measurements of dimensional datums can determine:

  • 3D height measurements including step height and surface flatness
  • 2D dimensional measurements including diameter and centration
  • Thru-lens measurements including physical material thickness and refractive index variation

The lens barrel is a component that holds each element in the lens stack. Its purpose is to nominally align each lens and constrain them to a single imaging component. ZYGO 3D optical profilers can determine the exact dimensions of the lens barrel and the non-contact technique allows for measurement of surfaces inaccessible by typical contact metrology. Depth measurements of contact surfaces within the barrel can provide information about precise lens spacing and further surface analysis can determine flatness, roughness, and identify defects caused by the manufacturing process. All of these have a significant affect on the final optical assembly.

While these types of components are today’s standard for mobile phone camera modules, industry technology changes rapidly and ZYGO metrology solutions keep up with the most new and unique optical designs. This can include samples like folding prisms, multi-lens arrays, and even asymmetric optical surfaces. We work closely with you to solve your complex optical design challenges.


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