Flex Circuits

Mobile Phone Flex CircuitAlmost all of today’s technology requires the use of complex circuitry. As these devices move towards smaller size and more features, the use of flexible circuits and ribbon cables is required to meet these design requirements. Using a ZYGO 3D optical surface profiler, these flexible circuits can be measured to determine precise sample characteristics.

New designs are easily characterized in a research and development environment allowing for rapid convergence on manufacturing of new products. With Mx measurement automation, flex circuits can also be measured for process control in a high-volume manufacturing setting. In many cases, metrology can be integrated seamlessly in-line with the production, allowing for real-time feedback.

There is a wide range of measurement applications from basic geometry to complex surface characterization. The non-contact nature of these measurements means all these results can be determined without sample damage, increasing acceptance rates in production.

Typical applications can include:

  • 3D height measurements including trench depths and contact pad heights
  • 2D dimensional measurements including sizes and positions of trenches and contact pads
  • Volumetric calculations of additive material or wear
  • Surface texture measurements to determine roughness
  • Film measurements to determine the area and thickness where a film or coating is present

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